Friday, February 28, 2014

EU LCS W7D2 Fri, February 28

Today's Matches:

1. Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming
2. Copenhagen Wolves vs Millenium
3. Alliance vs SK Gaming
4. Supa Hot Crew vs ROCCAT

Thursday, February 27, 2014

EU LCS W7D1 Thur, February 27

Today's Matches: 

1. Alliance vs Fnatic

2. SK Gaming vs Supa Hot Crew
3. Millenium vs Gambit Gaming
4. ROCCAT vs Copenhagen Wolves

A lot of exciting battles today!

First up...can the struggling 7-7 Fnatic pull out out their bleak downward spiral? I believe this match is key to the Fnatic's mental health. A win will set them confidently back on course. A loss will crush their spirits. And Alliance has made it clear they'll no longer give an easy pass...which should make this an incredibly scary match.

Then we have SK vs Supa Hot Crew, who along with Fnatic are in a three-way tie for third place. The difference is, while Fnatic have lost two in a row, SK and SHC are both on winning streaks, and they are nearly neck and neck on stats. Should be an extremely close game!

Millenium's Kev1n and Creaton both have strong KDA's coming into this week match against Gambit, but they've yet to beat our Russian Overlords this split. They have, however, beaten Fnatic...proving they're more than capable of taking down top-rated teams. And as we all know...this has been the split of incredible, unexpected underdog wins.

And then there's ROCCAT...vs Wolves...which I can't even comment on because Overpow owns me. Like... completely owns me.. <3 Sorry. :P

Uh..yeah..these guys are not gonna budge an inch..

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gamers2 | A Beautiful Lie?

Former SK Gaming Captain Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez throws his scarf back into the competitive scene with his new team, Gamers2. Announced this week with a cheesy dramatic *video meant to generate hype for his still unproven mates, Ocelote's clear desire is to return to the EU LCS. But are they any good?

The new team's line up includes Ocelote in Mid, Jesper 'Jwaow' Strandgren (Top,) Sebastian 'Morden' Fernandez (Jungle,) Soler 'Yuuki60' Florent (AD,) and Hugo 'Dioud' Padioleau (Support.) If you're familiar with Ocelote's former team, 'OceloteWorld,' you'll recognize this entire roster, save for the ditching of 'Haydal' in favor of Salade Tomate Oignon's 'Yuuki60.'

Ocelote's fledgling team does have a few things going for them. They've got strong sponsors already on-board ( and Ozone,) a mansion set up in Madrid to be their gaming house, and some interesting if not entirely innovative ideas. To quote their announcement, "Our mansion will be opened up to the community where they will be able to meet the players, play some paddle or basketball, have a BBQ and truly integrate and immerse themselves in the player lifestyle and get to know the team on a personal level like never before."

But across many forums today, fans and foes of the former SK mid-laner questioned if his team has any real chance of living up to their lofty LCS goals. And we're prompted to question, what is really going on with this seemingly pre-packaged package?

Ocelote has been very successful at marketing himself and he's no stranger to the idea of branding. To me, what he's put together here is more than just a team of LOL players - it's an attractive team of LOL players, because he's not just looking at competing here, he's looking at the future of eSports and its media potential, and he knows exactly what draws the media's eye. For anyone in the business who can see the explosion brewing, it's hard not to think this team is gambling on fandom much more than any true hopes of competing on the stage at Worlds. 

Not that that stops Ocelote from dreaming. 

There was a pro-wrestler back in the 80s named 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, who used to step into the ring wearing the long, gold satin robes trimmed at the sleeves with white feathers. He was a bad guy in pro-wrestling terms, hated for his ego and vanity, and he laughed all the way to the bank with this carefully cultivated act.
Sometimes I feel like Ocelote dances on that line, although he doesn't do it intentionally. But that only makes his act all the more bizarre. Truth be told, I actually like the flamboyant Ocelote, the same as thousands of other fans. He's a caricature of himself, but he's innocent and fun and his arrogance is born out of some reality. The man is beautiful. And he's hungry. And he believes in the future of eSports. And I can't fault him for any of those things.
Insane or Genius?
Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez

* The Gamers2 Release Teaser Video

The Face of Hype....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

NA LCS W6D2 Sun, February 23

Today's Matches: 

1. Cloud 9 HyperX vs Evil Geniuses
2. Team SoloMid vs Curse
3. Team Coast vs Counter Logic Gaming
4. Dignitas vs XDG

C9 is hunting for that #1 slot...can TSM hold them off? 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

W6D1 NA LCS Sat, February 22nd

Today's Matches: 

1. Team Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses

2. Team SoloMid vs Team Coast
3. Curse vs Cloud 9 HyberX
4. Counter Logic Gaming vs XDG

Game 1 is a particularly interesting match up, Fangirls, because it pits our first and third place winners against our second place winner in the 'Cutest Pro NA Poll' contest. 

So which cute pro will come out on top? 

And which one will go down while trying to hide in the bushes from a relentless hail of bullets?  

Friday, February 21, 2014


Today's Matches: 

1. Fnatic vs Copenhagen Wolves
2. Gambit in Pajamas vs Supa Hot Crew
3. ROCCAT vs SK Gaming
4. Millenium vs Alliance 

Can Supa Hot Crew Take over 2nd place in the EU LCS?

It's possible...because Mimer goes where he pleases!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today's Matches: 

Millenium vs Copenhagen Wolves
Gambit Gaming vs ROCCAT
Supa Hot Crew vs Fnatic
SK Gaming vs Alliance

Gambit must face first place ROCCAT with a roster comprised almost completely of subs. Can this makeshift team hold its own?

Name your State Team!

Okay LCS fans....If every major city had a pro team the way, say, the NFL does, what would your state/city's team name be? Tweet your answers to @punklit or leave a comment below, and I'll share the best ones here with you next week! (Be sure to mention both city and team!) 

*You non-yanks can fill in your own country/state/city/province/prefecture...

As for us here in Bull City, the choice is obvious. We're The Durham Allistars!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Notice us!

Faker-senpai by Honolein

Just one of the amazing pieces of Fan Art featured on our new Fan Art page. Be sure to check it out! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

MeyeA doing a Strip Tease?

He offered one on twitter today: 

So what do you say, Fangirls and this something you would want to see? 

A clean shaven Saint and More of Kobe's Tat!

A clean shaven Saint!

A little peek at the backside of Kobe's tat! 


Today's Matches:

1. XDG vs Curse
2. Cloud 9 HyperX vs Dignitas
3. Evil Geniuses vs Team Coast
4. Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid

Who would dare kill this adorable man? 

or this cute little hamster? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hi Bjergsen! <3


Today's Matches: 

1. Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9 HyperX
2. Evil Geniuses vs Curse
3. Team Coast vs XDG
4. Team SoloMid vs Dignitas

I really wish Coast would win this's one thing to be in the's another thing to be in the basement with a 2-8 record and seriously dismal KDA's. 

Alex Ich, Darien and Diamondprox will miss Week 6 due to Visa Issues.

Unfortunately, Visas work a little different in Russia than they do for the EU pros. Alex Ich, Darien and Diamondprox will miss their games on Feb.20 and 21st, and Gambit will be required to play with three substitute players (yet to be determined.) This problem couldn't come at a worse time for Second Place Gambit as they are scheduled to face First Place ROCCAT on Thursday. Hoping they can find adequate subs in this short amount of time and still manage a strong showing, as everyone would rather see as fair a game as possible under the circumstances. In the meantime, Fangirls everywhere will keep the welfare of our beloved Russian Overlords in our hearts! :) 

*See this link for full explanation from GambitGambit Explains Visa Issues


Friday, February 14, 2014

EU Spring Split W5D2 Fri, February 14

Happy Valentines Day, Fangirls! 

Here's today's Matches: 

1. Alliance vs Supa Hot Crew
2. Fnatic vs Millenium
3. Copenhagen Wolves vs ROCCAT
4. SK Gaming vs Gambit Gaming


Today's Questions: Which LCS Pro or Caster would you most like to have for YOUR Valentine? 

 My Personal Pick : CandyPanda
Because who doesn't love getting candy for Valentines Day?

*Don't forget to vote in 'Cutest Pro NA' poll!*
<--Up top there in the sidebar!

Now...Here's a Valentine's Day Gift from Peke!

And one from Creaton and Araneae:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cutest Pro NA Competition!

We asked for your nominations and there were some clear cut favorites:

1. Snoopeh

Besides being an amazing Jungler and a ridiculously gorgeous man, Snoopeh has the Snoopeh Stare...a dangerous look of total domination that would have even Christian Grey begging for a spanking. There are few fan girls who wouldn't put him on the top of their list...but he's clearly a man's man too. :)

2. Krepo

Krepo isn't just adorable...he's also an excellent support...the guy we all want behind us when we sneak into the bushes. Okay, let's face it. He is just adorable!!

3. Imaqtpie

They say that one of the main points of attraction to the opposite sex is how they make you feel about yourself. Qtpie may lack classic good looks, but he exudes a shamanistic charm and warmth that makes you feel good about the world.  You can eat a cookie around this man without feeling any guilt. Hell, you can eat a steak, fries and a vanilla shake, smoke a funny cigarette and take a nap on the couch and wake up feeling fine as fuck. He is eternal sunshine. He is peace and rainbows. He's also the only actual American on our Cutest NA Pro list!

Honorable mentions: Yellowpete, Balls, Doublelift and Dyrus all got mentions but not enough to make our TOP Three, and yet, I'm sure ther's not a one of us would kick them out of our lanes. They're all WORTH in my eyes!

Be sure to choose your favorite on my poll in the sidebar above so we can crown "Cutest Pro NA" next week!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

EU Spring Split W5D1 Thur, February 13

Today's Matches: 

1. SK Gaming vs Fnatic 
2. Copenhagen Wolves vs Supa Hot Crew
3. ROCCAT vs Alliance
4. Gambit Gaming vs Millenium

Millenium, Alliance and SK will once again look to play road blocks while trying to bolster their own positions in a super tight race for fourth place. Upsets haven't been uncommon this season, and a loss to any one of the tied top three teams could knock them two places back. Who'll taste Victory? Who'll taste Defeat?  Who'll bay at the moon if they win? It's anyone's guess in the EU LCS!

(except for the baying at the moon thing...that's definitely these guys...) 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void Preview

Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void

They say he's terrifying..they say he's evil..but the first thing that came to my mind was, "What a pretty shade of purple!" Vel'Koz may be a nasty ranged mage, but look at these awesome pink glowies he spits out... 

Neon shinies that kill people! I'm liking! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reggie has it right!
TSM Continues to Dominate!!

NA LCS W4D2 Sunday, Feb 9

Today's Matches:

1. Counter Logic Gaming vs Evil Geniuses
2. Curse vs Team SoloMid
3. Cloud 9 HyperX vs Team Coast
4. XDG vs Team Dignitas

Coming off a strong win vs Dignitas yesterday, can Curse crack TSM's kevlar-coated armor?

Who do YOU Support?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

NA LCS W4D1 Saturday, Feb 8

Today's Matches: 

1. Cloud 9 HyperX vs XDG
2. Team Dignitas vs Team Coast
3. Evil Geniuses vs Team SoloMid
4. Curse vs Team Dignitas

Following a week off, third place Dignitas is back in the game with two important matches. 

Can they top the competition? 

Friday, February 7, 2014


Who's got what it takes?

EU Spring Split W4D2 Fri, February 7

Today's Matches:

1. SK Gaming vs Copenhagen Wolves
2. Supa Hot Crew vs Gambit Gaming
3. Fnatic vs ROCCAT
4. Alliance vs Millenium

Will ROCCAT pay Fnatic back? 

Are you Ready, boys? :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014