LCS Wallpaper

* Note - for private use only...if you are interested in using these art pieces in any commercial way, please contact the listed artists. Some artists have wallpapers for all the teams. Visit their linked deviantArt pages for full sized downloads - and please stop by and thank them if you value their work! They're all amazing!!)  

Team Liquid by Zyslek

OpTic Gaming Wallpaper by FearFoxDesigns

CLG Wallpaper by TheSoupKitchenX

Echo Fox Wallpaper by Luciferxm

Unicorns of Love Wallpaper by benweinberg

Wallpaper by Walker183

Rekkles Wallpaper by gioariza

Wallpapers by theExtraqt

Wallpapers by iTonTo

Wallpaper by ArtistWannaB3

Wallpapers by jonas3002

Wallpapers by Jackydile

Wallpapers by nervyzombie

Wallpaper by Freyfie

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