Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Players to Watch in the 2015 EU Challenger Series!

By Anel “Musinlol” Musinovic
Origen, Gamers2, Dignitas EU (Former SKP), Reason Gaming, mouzesports & LowLandLions get ready to face off in the 2015 EU Challenger Series. Players to watch are starring, Sencux, Hiiva & Morsú.

Chres “Sencux” Larsen
Dignitas EU - Midlane

Sencux has previously played for Reason Gaming & 4EverZenzyg, with their famous intro song. Less notably, he has also been playing a lot of LANS in Denmark, which went decently well for him. If you don’t know Sencux so far, you are potentially about to, he has been playing great lately.

They have lost their jungler Obvious because SKP at the time were not willing to buy him out, which lead to him going to Gamers2 and taking Beansu with him a day before the first qualifier games. They were left without a jungler or toplane so Sencux reached out to Wunderwear, who is a toplaner he has played with on previous teams. He wanted a jungler that could fill out the shotcalling position which lead them to pick up Brokenshard and to round out the team they have with Crazycaps & Zytan.

Sencux himself is one of the best midlaners in the challenger series and compares himself to xPeke when he is on his game. Sencux is a good player and definitely on the road to become a great midlaner but if he matches up with xPeke he still has to prove himself. He thrives on playing assassin champs such as Zed, Ahri & Leblanc. He's also been playing champs as the likes of Lulu & Xerath in previous matches.

It will be a lot on Sencux's shoulders to carry Diginitas EU to victory, but he can be helped by his AD Carry, Crazycaps. Not saying that the other players are worse but I see these two being in a position to carry. Sadly they lost their first game unexpectedly in the EU Challenger Series to LowLandLions with great play from Morsú, despite Crazycaps racking up 13 kills and Sencux sitting at 5. They will be trying to regain their footing against Mouz (Previously n!fac).

Aleksi “Hiiva” Kaikkonen
Gamers2 - Support

Hiiva will be trying to overcome the giants Origen after failing once, but might have a cheesy strat prepared against them to surprise. The Finnish international is known for his Blitzcrank & Zyra play but can also play other supports. He can create some scenarios in the game with his interesting and potentially cheesy play, and who doesn't like to see a Blitzcrank.

I believe Hiiva can, with his strong ADC, Jebus, be the force for Gamers2 who is going to be carrying them to victory. His ADC was previously considered for the Gambit ADC spot, but after some problems it didn't work out. Hiiva and Gamers2 are definitely top 3 and will be facing LowlandLions tonight over at Riot Games.

Bram “Morsú” Knol
LowlandLions - Toplane

LowLandLions were written off totally but with a win against Dignitas EU, they have maybe brought themselves back. Morsú was the key to Victory with his great performance on Jax, his splitpush was just too much to handle for the Dignitas side. He will be trying to do the same in today's upcoming game against Dignitas EU again.

He is a player that is known for carrying in previous teams such as Team Coast Gold and tactics against teams with Morsú in them has always been "shutdown Morsú and win the game." He played in the Challenger Series previously but fell short just like Sencux. It can be problematic but shows the quality of the player. He likes to spiltpush often, and can bring out champions such as Fiora which is his main champion. He played it in the qualifiers to success despite coming up against a Jax. Look for this player to pick champions that can 1v1 in the toplane and try to find his way to victory from there.

To round off the article I would like to say that I have not put in Origen players for the sake of the article, because you could easily put in 3 Origen players in the list.


Anonymous said...

Sencux never played for Business Gaming XD? Business Gaming XD = Top=Maase Jungle=Trashy Mid=Risdrengen ADC=Niels Support=Nalk. Sencux basically played with the 4everzenzyg line up, but at some point Nisbeth joined the team instead of Fittle. Just to let you know. :)

Anel Musinovic said...

Didn't even realise i wrote that, you are right, i got that and Sencux's first name wrong. I must have been sleeping while writing it! Apologizes for that one, should have done it right first time around!

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