Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Preview of the EU Challenger Series Spring 2015 Third Place Match: Gamers2 vs Reason Gaming

By Anel “Musinlol” Musinovic

The last spot for the promotion tournament is on the line in today's EU Challenger Series third place match. Gamers2 performed a lot worse than expected against the Copenhagen Wolves Academy, while Reason Gaming put up a strong fight against Origen. Gamers2 should be the slight favorites, but they'll lose if they play as badly as they did in the semifinals.

Gamers2 vs Reason Gaming
SmittyJ, Gilius, Eika, Jebus & Hiiva vs Kubon, Xayoo, Takefun, Celaver & Libik

This game will be a lot closer than anticipated. G2 have more individual strengths but seemed lost against Copenhagen Wolves Acadamy. On the other side, Reason got a free pass into the playoffs and have no pressure on them for the rest of the tournament. Reason had a good showing vs Origen but I imagine G2 will have reviewed their mistakes and made adjustments. I'm just not sure that will fix all of their problems. 

Pick and Bans:

So far these two teams' records against each other are 1-1. Kubon's Irelia seemed to contribute largely to G2's loss, so taking her and possibly Hecarim away from him would seem a wise idea. Also, any bans targeting Takefun's main assassins; Zed, Leblanc and now Ahri, could be a smart move, but I feel like banning Sejuani, Hecarim & Irelia would be the better choices.

Sejuani will certainly be a contested pick, although Gilius didn't find success on her vs Copenhagen Wolves Academy. I expect both junglers to try and get her because of her current strengths despite Gilius' frustrating showing.

For Gamers2, focusing their comp around Jebus would be preferable as he has shown himself to be a key player vs the Polish team. The popular Kog’maw comp could be an idea or something else they have up their sleeve. 

Reason banned out Nidalee previously and should do it again so as not to allow Gamers2 to snowball - even though this might leave Lee open. Getting comfort picks for Kubon would be ideal since he has been their key player against Gamers2.  

Player to Watch from Gamers2: Jebus

In their win against Reason he seemed to be one of the leading players with his 10-2 score, and after a disappointing loss and unsteady performance in the semifinals, he'll be trying to show his worth.

Player to Watch from Reason Gaming: Kubon

For the same reason as Jebus, he is the player to watch. When his team has managed to find victories vs Gamers2, he's gone 11-3-11 on Irelia. Even in their loss, he was 5-4, but it wasn't enough to carry his team. 

Hecarim and Irelia seems like obvious bans so if he can draw two bans it also shows his ability to contribute in the pick and bans. Getting him on a more damage-oriented or carry style champion will be essential to their comp. He's shown his Rumble to be a decent pick and it can do well against the likes of Maokai so that could also be a possibility. 

Predicted score: Gamers2 2-1 Reason Gaming

The game will be played today, April 7th, at 1 PM EST / 18:00 CEST.

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