LCS Fan Art

Yeah, these are dated. Fresh fan art will be up as soon as the 2018 fans kick into action! (If you like a piece of art you see here, please stop by the artist's page and let them know!)

Dyrus by Oliverj911

Locodoco by Sasha

Fnatic Rekkles by AngryAngysAnrt

Chibi Cloud 9 by jijikero

Don't worry, I'm just subbing by ebira

H2k Loulex by Saint_Duke

Febiven FanArt by xEzrealx

SaintVicious Sion by Marvyra

Bjergsen portrait by danielbunchie

James 'Dash' Patterson by AmoBytes

Amazing Fnatic Rengar Skin by Red-Sinistra

Will it be Enough!? by ChozoAran

Froggen by Honolein

A Meteos and his Poro by Musiquemandolin

Team Solomid by allelito

Team Fnatic by AshleeGarcia

Bjergsen and Hai - Cutest Couple by meesetrax

Cloud 9 Sneak by CaglarOKUR

CLG by Gautam Kolli

CLG Hotshot GG by Erin McCarty

Dignitas by jay ex

LCS Fantasy League by Maririnn

Cloud 9 by shanghae

MakNooN by AoyamaArt

Madlife by murilodestroo

Rush Hour Synergy by epimeral
Aphromoo by Leor1c

Hai and Meteos by Ayerya

TSM Bjergsen! by MyWishAnime

Meteos by ShidaFernandes

Bowlcut! by Maririnn

xPeke by xlzipx

Scarra by baottousai
Turtle by sleepypandah
meteos by meesetrax

Locodoco's Drawing of Lemonation

LuLink by MaTTcom

Fnatic xPeke by Aoi-Lemon

Voyboy with Lee Sin by Yourdoingitwrong

Voyboy and Pooskie by TheDreamingArtist

Doublelift and Aphromoo by KuroKnight1634

Support Krepo by ikiyia

Faker-senpai by Honolein

Dyrus baby by Siare

Faker : The Master of Shadows by arlequinne

Dyrus Fanart by draxaca

Krepo Evil Geniuses by mentazero

Dyrus as Ahri by AJaxx15

Meteos chibi by PulsefireKitten

Bjergsen by Roew

Evil Geniuses by Yaztory

MaKNooN and Zac by Hix-you

C9 Poro Wallpaper by MsVioletMagpie

Millenium by crimson-carnival

MeyeA by mentazero

(*Most All Fan Art used with Permission from Artists.*)

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